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Team’s rich experience and flexibility
The main staff of R & D from Trinog-xs has nearly 20 years experience on the research of solution for modern horticulture. Our aim is to make suitable solution for horticulture based on the climatecondition and cultivation requirement, also taking the client’s investment budget into account. 
Outstanding innovation
Innovation and creativity are the key to make Trinog-xs keep development. Nowadays, the market is changing quickly. The R & D team continuously update our current products and create new ones to meet new requirements in order to create value and profit for our clients.
Powerful team
Trinog-xs has more than 30 R & D staff working for the research and development of new products and better solution for horticulture.
Cooperation with universities and research institutes
Trinog-xs has good cooperation with Beijing University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry university and Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 
National patents
Trinog-xs has gained more than 30 national patents.
Horticulture expert consultants
Trinog-xs has close partnership with horticulture experts from different countries like Holland, Japan, Austrilia, middle east, Taiwan. These experts can help make the project successful for clients.  

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