Mongolia Venlo glass greenhouse with turnkey solution


2023-02-09 09:31

Let impossible to be possible! How to grow the vegetable when the temperature is -45℃? Not only the heavy snow will affect the growth of plant, but will be a new challenge to greenhouse structure to anti-snow.

Although a solar greenhouse can anti-snow, but its small size will be a limitation for mechanical operation. A Venlo glass greenhouse would be the new choice.


Project introduction

The project is located in Mongolia, totally occupied several hectare land and greenhouse is about 1ha with followings:

Greenhouse structure Venlo greenhouse with glass cover
Greenhouse size 10000sqm2
Greenhouse span width 8m span width
Pipe Distance 4m pillar distance
Greenhous shoulder Height 4m gutter height
Greenhouse Ridge Height 5.1m roof height
Equipped system Roof ventilation, service area, smart control, heating, trellis system, ebb and flow nursery system and etc

The hot-tags of this project

1. Turnkey solution: The client is not a traditional agriculture company and also without any experience on growing. Trinog team had worked together with client from land plan to design confirm— mass production – installation guard – growing training, from a land to cucumber harvest, a totally one stop solution.

2. Nursery system: The nursery system consists of Ebb & flow bench and use rock-wool for media. It can fit for all plant nursery.

3. The heating system: To against the cold weather, even will snow in June, the summer time, heating is a must. The boiler is using coal which is easy get from local to save the cost.

4. Sealed rubber strip: Good sealing can effectively reduce the indoor and outdoor air flow, also can greatly reduce heating cost in winter. In this greenhouse, we offer the high stable performance rubber strips to keep the greenhouse seal.

Contact Trinog team to get your own turnkey solution, will try our best to give a best solution for your farm. Reach us at or +86 180 2077 8831 to WhatsApp us anytime.

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