Laos–Forestry Tree nursery greenhouse farm


2023-02-09 09:31


In our daily life, we often use varieties of products made by trees, but at the same time of cutting down, we are also constantly replanting trees. But we need to plant trees to return the forest and protect the earth. Therefore, tree seedling has become a new industry, by a lot of many forest paper companies’ attention. In order to better improve the quality and quantity of seedlings, a suitable greenhouse and system is particularly important and necessary.

Trinog Team have operated the right greenhouse and kinds of bench systems to help our client to save manpower and easy farming.

As project in Laos, with tropical rain forest climate, it will rain a lot and hot in daily time. So, a protection against rain is quite necessary. We suggested and designed the greenhouse with 200micro clear film cover to anti-rain. It also had film tension tapes to against the heavy wind.

As usual, the greenhouse was in 8m width, 4m section and also 4m gutter height. But it has about 2m corrido at both sides to reinforce the greenhouse steel structure.

In order to have natural ventilation, a fixed roof vent is quite important to have the air flow. And also supplied with insect net cover for all 4-side, greatly fast the air flow and also protect the young tree plant from insect.

With their outdoor planting, our T-rail benches became the new favorite to the grower and workers. With a suitable height and width, it is friendly to workers and also good for plant’s root plant.



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