Malaysia—Potted Melon planting tropical greenhouse in film cover


2023-02-09 09:31

Melon plant is a new trend to growers. In order to have a higher yield and melon quality, indoor growing can help them.

This greenhouse project is designed with 9.6m span width. Why choose a film cover, is not only with a lower cost, but suitable to Malaysia where the weather is high temperature and rainy climate. But with the trellis system to loading the melon plant, we strength the greenhouse structure. The loading weight can reach to 40kgs/m2.


Of course, to cooling down is still the challenge to this project. But due to high humidity, a cooling pad (water curtain) won’t work very well. But in high land area, its heavy wind can great help the natural ventilation. 

While, we add a small exhaust fan to accelerate the flow of air from inside to outside. But why we put the fans there? It is based on science and experience. Want to know why, feel free contact Trinog team to get your own solution.

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