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1.Project information
Information provided by the customer: 
》For example: project area, construction land scale;
》Climate conditions of the project location: wind speed, temperature, humidity, etc;
》Cultivation plan, crop type and cultivation mode (soil or soilless cultivation);
All of the above factors will affect the project design.
2. Combine with practical experience
We will try our best to collect information of the project and combine previous design and on-site installation experience to provide help to customers.
3. Make proposals
Based on the engineer information provided by customers and local practices, sales consultants will propose a comprehensive proposal on greenhouse types, climate control systems and equipment.
4. Discuss with customers
Our sales consultant will negotiate details with customers.
5. Modify the design scheme and quote again
Our engineers and sales will adjust the plan and quote again according to the discussion with customers.
6.Sign the contract
Sign the contract
7. Production and delivery arrangement
(1) Component drawings provided by engineer
(2) Produced by workshops according to the drawings
(3) Packaging and labeling
(4) Loading and transportation
8. Supervision
For overseas projects: we provide installation manual, remote or on-site installation guidance, and also provide turnkey project services.
For domestic projects: available to offer completed installation services base on agreement
9. After-sale service
(1) Provide maintenance and operation instructions to customers and answer project related questions.
(2) Promise to respond all question from customers within 24 hours, then submit solutions within 72 hours.

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