R&D capacity

R&D capacity

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Rich experience in R&D and design of modern agriculture

Trinog-xs R&D team has about 20 members, and the core members have more than 12 years of experience. Our customized projects have already spread in more than 70 countries and regions. Trinog-xs greenhouse has served many world famous companies, as well as strategic projects in some countries and regions! Our R&D team has rich design experience in different types of facilities and equipment of different agricultural greenhouse, which is applicable to the main climate zones around the world. We will carefully analyze and fully consider the customers’s needs and design the most suitable turnkey solutions for customers.



Outstanding innovation

Our R&D and engineer team constantly meet customer‘s demand in the ever-changing market. We maintain continuous innovation and combine the latest researchs of international and domestic modern agricultural research institutions and senior expert team to carry out continuous product R&D, optimization and upgrading.


Powerful learning team

Trinog-xs R&D and design team has about 20 engineers. Team members are young and energetic, full of learning enthusiasm and innovation.

In order to strengthen the professional skills of designers, learn the latest design information of international protected agriculture and better R&D result and design products, Trinog-xs greenouse always organizes train courses by world-famous agricultural experts and agronomist, provides latest design software and design knowledge training, and provides opportunities to study the latest technology abroad according to the R&D and design needs.

Excellent talents are the first productivity of a company, as a learning enterprise, Trinog-xs is firmly on the way of learning and innovation.


Cooperate with universities and research institutes

Trinog-xs greenhouse cooperates with Beijing University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences to create and optimize greenhouse design, develop and design more competitive items with latest agriculture information, meet the high demand of customers and realize the high benefit of customers.

National patents

Trinog-xs has gained more than 50 national patents.

Corporate closely with global agronomists and engineers

Trinog-xs greenhouse has close partnership with protected agriculture experts from world like The Netherland, Japan, Austrilia, middle east, Taiwan, who can help make the project successful with rich experience in design and cultivation of modern agriculture.


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