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R&D center

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Research and Test Center

Trinog-xs Greenhouse R&D and Test Center: Established in Year 2010.

The greenhouses center cooperates with internationally renowned cultivation agronomists and consultants, hand with Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences to conduct in-depth  research & development, also testing greenhouses in different covers and climate control systems, hydroponics cultivation system, nursery system, farm house and other dates.

The dates support provided by R&D and Test center is the key to optimize and develop our greenhouse and related products.


Tempered Glass Greenhouse

  --Tomato/melon hydroponics media cultivation, equip with shading screen, ventilation, trellis hanging, cooling pad and fan, circulation fan and Hortimax Fertilization.


Multispan PE Film Greenhouse

--Showing NFT, DFT, Dutch bucket, A-frame vertical stand for hydroponics system, ebb & flow tray with seed bed for nursery.


Light Deprivation Greenhouse

--Gable wall with polyurethane board and film for roof. Install with auto blackout shading screen system, wet curtain and fan cooling system with light trap.


Other greenhouses

-- Light tunnel greenhouse: cooling fans with roll-up ventilation and Genap Silo

--Fixed roof vent tropical film greenhouse with natural ventilation.




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