Application of solar panels in greenhouse


2023-02-18 11:10

Greenhouse production dependence on energy is large, especially for indoor microclimate regulation, often need a lot of energy consumption, and in recent years, oil, coal and other traditional energy increasingly scarce, prices continue to rise, at the same time, the environmental pressure is growing, these factors make for new energy development and application in greenhouse is imminent.

Solar energy has received unprecedented attention as a renewable energy source. Whether it is Europe, North America, or China, are actively developing solar energy utilization equipment and comprehensive utilization technology and greenhouse combined mode. Photovoltaic solar greenhouse is a new type of greenhouse, is in the greenhouse part or all of the sun laid photovoltaic solar power generation device, it has power generation capacity, but also for some crops or edible fungi to provide a suitable growing environment.

1. Solar panels are installed on the surface of the greenhouse, so that the greenhouse has the power generation function and can make full use of the solar energy.

2. Power generation and planting can be carried out at the same time on the same land, saving land resources and largely solving the contradiction between photovoltaic power generations and planting industry.

3. It can prevent wind and reduce evaporation. It can change the barren land created by too much evaporation or too much wind-blown sand into arable land under protected conditions. Such as desert areas, northwest arid areas and so on.

4. To achieve a multi-purpose room, in difficult conditions in addition to power supply and agricultural production, but also with wind, rain, snow, hail, production of fresh water, precipitation collection and other more functions, can be expanded to life, aquaculture and other aspects.

1. Solar panels can not be disassembled and installed with seasonal changes. In seasons with less light, power generation and plant growth compete for glory, resulting in greater contradiction.

2. The construction cost is very high and the payback period is long, which is not suitable for small-scale family operation.

3. High requirements for plants. Generally not suitable for planting light plants, especially photovoltaic solar greenhouse, can be planted some do not need high temperature strong light leafy vegetables and other crops, even some do not need to see light crops, such as edible fungi.

Although greenhouse solar power generation and comprehensive utilization technology innovation, application and problems coexist, but under the premise of energy tightening, greenhouse planting competition intensified, the research of solar power generation system integration and equipment suitable for greenhouse will continue to strengthen, there will be more and more integrated systems and equipment products for greenhouse producers to choose.

Personally, I think it will focus on four aspects:

One is suitable for greenhouse solar power generation panel, or even adjustable transmittance of the power generation panel or film and other main materials and equipment research and development,

The second is based on the research and development of integrated structure and accessories of greenhouse solar energy system.

Third, the research and development of special control equipment and control software aiming at the comprehensive application of solar energy system.

The fourth is the theoretical study of light environment assessment based on solar energy system.

The application of solar power generation technology in greenhouse is expanding, in order to ensure the effect of planting and production at the same time, make full use of solar energy as an inexhaustible renewable energy, whether for greenhouse horticulture industry, or for the living environment of all mankind, are of great significance, worthy of vigorous research and promotion.



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