The pros and cons of Flat NFT and Vertifical hydroponic system Copywriting


2023-02-18 11:09

NFT is the abbreviation of Nutrient Film Technique, which is one of the important hydroponic technologies for commercial production.

The principle behind the NFT hydroponic system is simple. It enables a thin water film to be maintained in the growing channel throughout the life of the crop and

the roots absorb the nutrient solution flowing in the channel to obtain the required nutrients and water. Additionally, because part of the root system of the plant is immersed in the nutrient solution, and the other part of the root system is exposed to the air, the contradiction between water absorption and oxygen absorption by the root system gets well solved.



1. More convenient to maintain because there are fewer parts in such a system.

2. Compared with the Vertical A frame hydroponic system, the Flat NFT cultivation system has a simpler structure and is easier to install.

3. Support larger plants due to less weight being borne by the system.

4. Even better lighting conditions for plants to grow.

5. Easier to realize the automatic management of the production process.



1. Low space utilization.

2. The unit density is slightly lower than the Vertical A frame hydroponic system.

3. Harvesting is more difficult, especially in the middle of the rows of channels.



1. More compact in layout and more space efficient since growing channels can be up stacked by layers.

2. Higher yield, normally slightly higher than Flat NFT Hydroponic system.

3. Beautiful, especially suitable for leisure sightseeing.



1. Require a higher power water pump to make sure the nutrient-rich solution can reach the same level in every channel.

2. More difficult to set up technical parameters.

3. Uneven lighting conditions especially for plants at the bottom rows which may necessitate the implementation of an LED light supplement lamp.

4. Limited ranges of crops that can be grown.


Generally speaking, Flat NFT hydroponics system is better suited for crops with larger plant sizes or higher plant height, such as Lettuce, Spinach, and Basil. A-shaped frame NFT system is better suited for smaller spaces, faster yields, short roots and low plants as they limit the maximizing growth of crops, such as Bitter Chrysanthemum, Lettuce, Rape, Greengrocery, etc.

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