China’s national Standard "Standard for the Design of Greenhouse Structure” is implemented!


2023-02-18 11:55

Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development approved the " Standard for the Design of Greenhouse Structure " as a national standard, numbered GB/T 51424-2022, to be implemented from May 1st, 2022.

The standard was compiled by a team led by researcher Zhou Changji, chief expert of the Institute of Facility Agriculture, Academy of Agricultural Planning and Engineering, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, over a period of nearly eight years.

“The standard for the Design of Greenhouse Structure” GB/T51424-2022 includes agricultural greenhouse structure design terms and symbols, materials, basic provisions, structural forms and arrangements, structural calculations, components calculations and connection structures, glass and its support frame, etc. The standard draws on the greenhouse design standards of countries and regions which has developed facilities such as the European Union, the United States, Japan, Korea and so on, and combines the requirements of domestic industrial and civil building structural design codes. According to the characteristics of agricultural greenhouses, the design strength of greenhouse materials, greenhouse structural forms and components layout requirements, structural strength calculation methods and deformation control indicators are specified. The key technical problems such as the calculated length of greenhouse rods, pillar bottom restraint, seismic requirements, etc. have been solved.

The standard applies to the main structure design of plastic greenhouses, solar greenhouses and multi-span greenhouses, and the maintenance structure design of glass greenhouses. Its promulgation and implementation can fill the gaps in the industry and form a system with the national standard "Code for the Design Load of Horticultural Greenhouse Structure" already implemented by the Academy of Agricultural Planning and Engineering, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, which can meet the needs of agricultural greenhouse structure engineering design and provide technical basis for the design, construction and management of agricultural greenhouses. It is important to promote the development of China's facility agriculture industry and ensure the safe supply of food, and also provides important data reference for Trinog team to design greenhouse structure for domestic and foreign marketing.

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