Your Cannabis, Our Solution


2023-02-18 13:45

Your Cannabis, Our SolutionWhen you have an idea on growing cannabis, when you have a land, but how? Does it enough to have a light deprivation greenhouse only? What is also necessary to its growing period? LED lighting? which cover? A bunch of bombs! 
We have kinds of proposal online, you have your growing career.  
You are the boss!

Start from "0"
  • Carefully listen to your thoughts
  • Well understand your growing needs
  • A full discuss and idea collision
  • Come out with a completed solution and make it happen!
Your Selected!
Kinds of greenhouse for options:
  • Gothic Tunnel -- Wallet-friendly price in panda film cover, fit for anyway, even heavy snow area
  • Tripe A roof -- Affordable price cover with polycarbonate sheet & polyurethane panel & multi-cover;
  • Dutch Venlo  -- Boutique quality with glass & mutli-cover
  • Your Idea, Our Engineering!
Run with systems
  • Cooling pad with exhaust fans, come with light trap
  • Auto-light deprivation shading system , 2&3 layers screens for option
  • V-flo circulation fans inside
  • Drop with LED & Sodium lights
  • Cultivation irrigation system with ebb&flow bench & Dutch Bucket

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  • Auto-blackout shading system
  • Fans and cooling pads
  • Light trap
  • Ebb & Flow grow system
  • Irrigation system

Play Video

  • Greenhouse steel structure with different coverings;
  • System working, e.g Ventilation, cooling, blackout, LED & sodium lights,V-flo fans;





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