Why should our country develop facility agriculture vigorously?


2023-05-22 15:47

In recent years, with the development and progress of national social economy and science and technology, traditional agriculture has been transformed to industrialization and large-scale production and management, and facility agriculture has developed vigorously. In this process, intelligent greenhouse has been widely used, especially under the support of the central No. 1 document on the "development of facility agriculture" document, intelligent greenhouse mushroomed all over the country, but also from the early single production and planting mode to multifunctional development, industry applications also gradually diversified. So why are smart greenhouses so popular? Why should the country vigorously develop facility agriculture intelligent greenhouse?

Intelligent greenhouse it is the advanced type of facility agriculture, with comprehensive environmental control system, using the system can directly adjust indoor temperature, light, water, fertilizer, gas and many other factors, can achieve high annual yield, good economic benefits. According to Beijing smart farmer Agricultural Technology Co., LTD. Related technical person introduced: intelligent greenhouse has a comprehensive environmental control system, using the system can directly adjust indoor temperature, light, water, fertilizer, gas and many other factors, can achieve high yield, steady fine vegetables, flowers, economic benefits. In recent years, with the rapid development of rural revitalization, intelligent greenhouse not only brings impetus to agricultural development, but also tends to diversify and multifunctional development.



What are the advantages of smart greenhouse?



Traditional agriculture is the representative of low-end industry in people's impression. Although we all acknowledge the importance of agriculture for human development, most people are not willing to engage in agricultural production, because agricultural labor is not only hard, but also often very low income, the labor paid is not proportional to the actual harvest. The development of science and technology in modern agriculture is to change the backward appearance of traditional agriculture with the power of science and technology. Take intelligent greenhouse planting as an example, the application of intelligent control system in the greenhouse, so that traditional agriculture feel the power of science and technology, work is easy, but the income is greatly improved.

There is almost no loss in planting crops

Compared with manual monitoring, the most obvious advantage of intelligent greenhouse for intelligent planting is that it can ensure the constant environmental conditions inside the greenhouse, which can effectively avoid production losses caused by human factors for plants with high environmental requirements.

Ramp up production

Intelligent greenhouse for the greenhouse production of help is obvious, the use of this intelligent control mode, the environment is guaranteed, crop yield and quality than manual control of the greenhouse has been greatly improved.

Save money and increase efficiency

For planting enterprises with a certain scale, to continuously improve the benefits of agricultural planting, not only need to improve the yield and quality of crops, but also need to improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. And the intelligent greenhouse is applied to the intelligent control of greenhouse, but also in these two aspects of power. After the application of intelligent greenhouse monitoring system, work efficiency is significantly improved, labor costs can be greatly reduced, and the input and operation of equipment, can be completely saved from the labor cost accounting out, and the application of intelligent control system of greenhouse economic benefits are long-term, the longer the use of time, so that the labor cost will be lower.

Large space and wide application

The complex structure of intelligent greenhouse forms a huge open space, which provides unlimited imagination for its application. Whether it is seedling cultivation, exhibition, popular science sightseeing, leisure and catering, it leaves enough room for development.

Constant temperature and humidity

Greenhouse is to establish a simulation of the climate conditions suitable for biological growth, to create an artificial meteorological environment, to eliminate the constraints of temperature on biological growth. Moreover, intelligent greenhouse can overcome the environmental restrictions on biological growth, can make different crops in the unsuitable season production, so that the season will not have excessive influence on the growth of crops, greatly reduce the dependence of crops on natural conditions. For example, the production of small tomatoes can reach 50-80 kilograms per square meter, which is an amazing yield, but also can not be compared with outdoor open land planting. When it comes to leisure and sightseeing, the same is true. When it comes to outdoor wind and rain and yellow sand all over the sky, the wind and calm inside the greenhouse are the same. When it is frozen and snowy and scorching, the greenhouse is like spring all year round, comfortable and comfortable, free from any environmental influence all the time and all the season.



What are the supporting systems of intelligent greenhouse?



1. Shading system

Generally have external sunshade, internal sunshade system. Shading system is a part of the smart greenhouse, which can be flexibly designed according to different areas, crops, structures, etc. Usually, the effectiveness of shading in a greenhouse depends on the ability of the shading net to reflect sunlight. Different materials of sunshade net, so the effect is often large. Due to the improvement of various technologies, the shading system has been gradually upgraded. Indoor shading system and outdoor shading system have different functions, and the use of the two at the same time can play a complementary effect. Indoor shading system has many functions, such as shading, cooling, heat preservation and energy saving, dew drop prevention, etc., while outdoor shading system has no influence on indoor air and good shading effect. Users can choose according to their own needs.

2. Ventilation system

The system is mainly used for cooling the greenhouse. The natural ventilation is mainly realized by the window on the top of the greenhouse. Because the hot air rises, the window on the top can achieve the ideal effect. Can also be opened on both sides of the window, with wet curtain can also achieve rapid cooling effect. The ventilation of greenhouse construction is mainly to make full use of natural conditions. Therefore, before the construction of the greenhouse, users should understand the local natural conditions, including the local annual average wind direction, etc. According to the conditions provided by natural conditions, it has great reference value in the window design of greenhouse construction.

3, computer intelligent control system

Greenhouse automatic control system is a kind of environment automatic control system specially developed and produced for agricultural greenhouse, agricultural environment control and meteorological observation. The system includes environmental temperature, humidity, indoor light, soil temperature, humidity, etc. Through real-time acquisition of various parameters inside the greenhouse, through parameter comparison to adjust the supporting system of the greenhouse, so that plants can grow in the best range of growth, increase output, is the core of the greenhouse. Agricultural environmental factors such as wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, illumination, air pressure, rainfall, solar radiation, solar ultraviolet, soil temperature and humidity can be measured. According to the growth requirements of greenhouse plants, environmental control equipment such as window opening, film rolling, fan wet curtain, biological light supplement, irrigation and fertilization can be automatically controlled to achieve the range suitable for plant growth. Provide the best environment for plant growth.

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