Shading system in greenhouse


2023-05-25 16:13

The role of shading system

1. Regulating temperature: in hot days, shading nets can effectively reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse and create a comfortable environment for plant growth
2. Control light intensity: reduce direct sunlight overheating burns leaves and plants water evaporation, prolong the survival period of crops, increase yields and improve crop quality
3. Energy saving: reduce the use of cooling equipment, reduce energy consumption and operating costs

Used in the following ways

1. External shading of greenhouse

Can reduce 3℃~8℃,

depending on the shading rate and material of shading net

Placement method:

Horizontal at about 0.5m from the top of the greenhouse


Directly covered on the greenhouse cover materials

2. Inner shading of greenhouse

Can be reduced by 2℃~5℃,

depending on the shading rate and material of the shading net

Placement method:

Horizontally inside the greenhouse


To be set along the sloping direction of the roof

3. Used alone as a shade net greenhouse

Control method:


Switchable: manual, electric, intelligent control


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