Ebb&Flow nursery benches system -A good choice for cultivation and seedling


2023-02-18 11:05

1. What is Ebb&Flow nursery benches system

It is an advanced irrigation system for bottom water supply designed for nutrient solution cultivation and seedling cultivation of potted plants. It is one of the hydroponic systems suitable for leaf vegetable planting and seedling cultivation. The system gets its name from the similar principle of using the ebb and flow of tides to irrigate and nourish the roots of crops.



2. What is the operating principle

The nutrient solution is pumped from the nutrient solution tank to cultivation tank by dedicated pump, which submerged cultivation bed with depth of about 20-30mm,about 10-15 minutes after, nutrient solution rises to the surface of the substrate in the cultivation container by capillary action, then the nutrient solution discharged to flow back into the nutrient solution tank again, the nutrient solution can also be withdrawn if other cultivation bed requires water. Ebb and flow cultivation required the equipment that it can adjust PH and concentrations of nutrient solution.



3. What is the bench structure

The bench is composed of supporting body frame, aluminum edges, ABS plastic board and irrigation pipes, pumps, etc. As well as the Disinfection system and aeration system. Normally, we have the rolling benches to achieve the maximum amount of cultivation in the specific size greenhouse. Which has the most reasonable layout in the greenhouse.

The length of the bench can be customized according to the length of the greenhouse.



4. What kind of crops should be cultivated

Flowers and Vine crops nursery seedling.


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