How to design and plan the smart greenhouse


2023-02-18 11:06

Smart greenhouse is a kind of architectural style for agricultural production, which is suitable for vegetable production, scientific research experiments, sightseeing and other production purposes. At present, it mainly focuses on the cultivation and production of vegetable and fruit medicinal materials and edible fungi. The principle is to absorb sunlight during the day to increase the temperature of the greenhouse, and at the same time reduce heat loss through insulation materials, to achieve the purpose of increasing temperature, artificial construction of a relatively sealed production environment.



Smart greenhouse greenhouse design and planning, first of all to clear the basic parameters of the greenhouse, such as: greenhouse ridge trend, width, single span, column spacing, open space, total area, performance indicators, wind load, snow load, rainfall, hanging load, power parameters, generally need to consider the following parts: The main part, skeleton, covering material, internal and external shading, insulation system, cooling system, heating system, intelligent control system, etc.

The construction of smart greenhouse requires professional construction team, skilled greenhouse designers, to provide greenhouse design, drawings, material accounting, overall quotation, on-site construction, technical guidance, etc.

Choose a place sheltered from wind and sunny, with flat terrain, fertile soil, convenient irrigation and drainage, no tall buildings around, good lighting and ventilation conditions. The construction site of large-scale indoor group should be selected in the land with open terrain, high dryness and sufficient light. Plot size should be considered for future development and expansion. In rural areas, greenhouses should be built in the south or east of the village, not mixed with residential areas. It is best to plan all the production bases into a longer north-south pattern, which is more favorable for windbreak. The sun is the main light and heat source of the greenhouse, so it is necessary to choose the site with sufficient lighting conditions to build the greenhouse.

Greenhouse area should have sufficient water and reliable power. Water supply quality is good, winter water temperature is high (preferably deep well water), does not contain harmful elements. Different areas suitable for greenhouses construction mode is different, the water level is too shallow area is not suitable for the construction of dug greenhouses. It is necessary to measure the soil composition in advance in the early stage of the shed construction, so as to facilitate the selection of varieties and formula fertilization in the later stage.

Intelligent greenhouse, also known as automatic greenhouse, is a high-tech "intelligent" greenhouse based on agricultural greenhouse environment equipped with computer controlled mobile skylight, shading system, insulation system, heating system, wet curtain/fan cooling system, drip irrigation system or drip irrigation system, mobile seedbed and other automatic facilities.

Smart greenhouse is generally composed of three parts, including induction equipment, control cloud platform, implementation equipment. According to the intelligent sensing equipment installed in the greenhouse, the intelligent control box is used to control the drive/executive mechanism, such as fan system, window opening system, irrigation and fertilization system, etc., to adjust and control the environmental climate and irrigation and fertilization in the greenhouse to meet the growth and development needs of cultivated crops. By inputting the corresponding parameters in advance, the system will automatically control the information to ensure the suitable environment of the greenhouse.

Induction equipment: temperature and humidity sensor, light sensor, CO2 sensor, soil temperature and humidity sensor, PH sensor, ultraviolet sensor, illumination sensor and other equipment. Wall-mounted installation, fixed on the inner wall of the greenhouse with screws;

Control cloud platform: It is a management cloud platform developed based on the Internet of Things. It exists in the form of Android /IOS mobile APP and computer software/web page. It is a window for automatic and remote management of greenhouses, with functions such as online viewing, automatic alarm, account management, policy management addition, deletion and modification, and historical data management.

Execution equipment: mainly through intelligent control cabinet, solenoid valve and other equipment, specifically combined with greenhouse environmental control system, intelligent linkage;

Scale and industrialization: facility agriculture is an industry with high input, high yield and high efficiency. Only when a considerable scale is formed, can it be conducive to standardized and standardized production, and can it form an influential brand, so as to occupy the market, effectively develop and continuously utilize its resource advantages, and bring huge economic benefits. Therefore, on the basis of good planning, formulate preferential policies, increase investment, support and cultivate large-scale agricultural bases, accelerate the development of facility agriculture and enterprises, and promote the industrialization of facility agriculture.

Factory: Factory production of agricultural products is an important means and way of rural urbanization. Only factory production can make animals and plants are not restricted by the region, climate, in accordance with the development will and production needs, to achieve high quality, safety, high yield, and can be in a comfortable environment for labor-saving, easy operation. In addition, waste can also be recycled, maintain a good ecological environment.

Engineering standardization, standardization: including greenhouse facilities, equipment and agricultural production two aspects. With specifications and standards for the design, structure, installation, construction and use of facilities and supporting facilities, construction and operation costs can be greatly saved. With the establishment of norms and standards for facility agriculture production, the production cost of agricultural products is reduced, and the quality and sales income of agricultural products in greenhouses can be improved.

Operation mechanization: mainly including small agricultural machinery, construction facilities transmission mechanism and other supporting products. Greenhouse small agricultural machinery can only carry out tillage, planting, film laying, disinfection, grafting, ridge, ditching, fertilization, medicine, harvest and other mechanical operations, especially the harvest operation is the most complex operation and the most labor intensive process, robot harvesting may be a good choice to solve this operation. The crops with large planting quantity, short harvest period, heavy workload and hard work should be solved first, such as strawberries, fresh cut flowers, etc.

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