Researchers in the United States have discovered a gene that fights strawberry blight


2023-05-15 17:17


A few days ago, the United States at the university of California, Davis (UC Davis) researchers at the   Theoretical and Applied Genetics "published a study on the results, the strawberry breeding program in strawberry gene was found in soil spread deadly diseases strawberry blight resistance genes.

Plant scientists have been growing strawberries at UC Davis since the 1930s, and nearly 60 patented varieties have been issued through public breeding programs. This autumn the programme will release new varieties with fusarium wilt resistance genes, while using DNA diagnostic tools to help breeders cope with emerging fusarium wilt strains.

In the future, breeders could introduce the resistance gene into new strawberry varieties. This discovery will be of great value to the industry, preventing the spread of blight and effectively protecting the strawberry crop.



(The use of methyl bromide, a fumigant, was phased out in the United States in 2005, and strawberry blight is particularly common in areas without crop rotation. Strawberries infected with this disease will show varying degrees of decay and death in different stages of fusarium wilt.)

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