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Greenhouse Film Wiggle Zigzag Spring Wire


Product Description

Spring Wire with profile C for lock film

The  wire is made of 2mm diameter Mn steel, with black coating. Trinog wire is very popular in Japan, American, Canada and Australia.


1. Strong wind resistance

With special material and structure, Trinog lock wire can withstand winds up to level 9. Other ordinary steel wires are easy to spring from the base and the greenhouse film will be blown off fast when strong wind comes.

2. Suitable for harsh weather

Highly resistant to harmful UV radiation, severe hot and cold weather since the entire wire surface is coated by special material.

3.Longer life due to the strong elasticity

Trinog will not deform even if it is used for many times since it is made of real elastic steel wire.

4.No harm to plastic film due to the special coating

Trinog lock wires are coated and treated with special materials and methods to protect greenhouse polyethylene film from damage and protect your hands from injury.

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