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Ebb& Flow Bench System


Product Description

Ebb & Flow Bench System


The Ebb&Flow bench kit Consists of Ebb & Flow tray with support steel pipes and fixed aluminum frame,  nurtient solution circulating system, control system and cultivation container.

Now has been widely used for seedling, vegetable cultivation, medical hemp planting and etc.


[How it works?]

The system is famous for its advanced and efficient water saving during the planting, originate from Holland. 

The nutrient solution will be pumped from nutrient tank to the tray, and the tray will be submerged to a 20-30mm depth. Keep it 10-15 minutes let the nutrient  reach the surface of substrate by means of capillary. And then, the nutrient is discharged and flow back to tank again. The nutrient can be used repeatedly after proper treatment. In this irrigation method, the roots can be irrigated uniformly.


1. Save water on liquid recycle used

2. Improve plant quality with accurate irrigation control

3. Less the crop diseases and promoting plant growth
4. Reduce cost as a stable and long term used
5. Humanized operation with certain height, to protect workers.

6. Easy to connect with logistic container system with full automatically

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