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Irrigation system


Product Description

Ebb&flow Irrigation:

Designed for nutrient liquid culture and container seedling cultivation of potted plants

Advantages of ebb and flow irrigation:

1. Water-saving, completely closed system circulation, achieve >90% water and fertilizer utilization rate.;

2. Speed up the growth of crops

3. Avoid the water film on the plant leaves, make leaves receive more light and photosynthesis, and promote the transpiration to absorb more nutrients from the roots;

4. Providing stable moisture content for root

5. Easy to control relative humidity, keep crop leaves dry less chemicals;

6. Lower management cost, one worker can finish irrigation 0.2-0.5Ha area in 20-30mins, no matter in manual or PC control

7. Make plant absorb moisture more even, achieve standardization production, quality has assurance.

8. Keep dry without weeds under the seedbed, less fungus

9. No limited to variety, specification and time.

Movable irrigation system

Movable sprinkler irrigation is one of the most popular irrigation solutions today.

Advantages: the system helps growers save labor, water and fertilizer, while improving product quality and working conditions.

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is a irrigation technology of pump high pressure of irrigation water, through high pressure, water pipelines to transport facilities to the end and installed emitters pipes, with smaller flow trickle evenly and precise irrigation crop root zone near the soil surface or crop root soil layer, belonging to the local irrigation.

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