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PC Greenhouse


Product Description

Polycarbonate Sheet Greenhouse

Trinog Design

  • Triple A roof or Venlo Roof structure with prefabricated design
  • PC sheet with over 10 years service life
  • 88% light transmission, Double layer or multi-layers available
  • Strong stable structure design with 400g/m2 zinc coat steel pipes in hot SENDZIMIR galvanized treatment 
  • Optimal heat retention & energy-saving, Hail storm resistance
  • Special for desert area and cold area, like Japan, Middle East..
  • All systems for climate control, hydroponics system are available according to local weather and growing needs 


Structural Characteristics

No. Item Specification
1 Span Size 8/9.6/12m
2 Bay size 3.2/4m
3 Section Size 4/4.5m
4 Gutter Height 3-6.5m
5 Cover Material PC sheet, fixed by aluminum profiles 


Sketch Map

--Venlo Roof PC Greenhouse Diagram


--Triple A  Roof PC Greenhouse Diagram


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