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Single Span Gothic Roof Blackout Greenhouse


Product Description

Single Span Gothic Roof Blackout Greenhouse


Greenhouse Features

  • Gothic roof structure with multispan tunnel one
  • Economical one with strong structure and high arch design for larger growing space
  • Large gutter for efficient rain water drainage
  • Steel pipe design with Hot SENDZIMIR galvanization treatment, zinc coat: ±275g/m²
  • Various covers: roof with PE/PO film, Gable wall can be polyester panel, PC sheet, sandwich panel or film


Design Specifications

  • Span Size: 8/9.6/12.8m
  • Section: 2-5m
  • Gutter Height:3-5m
  • Ridge Height: 5.5-7.5m


Intelligent climate control systems

  • Autoed blackout system, 2-3 layers with antiflaming screen for choose
  • Cooling pad and exhaust fan system with light trap
  • Roof and side wall ventilation
  • Inside vertical circulation fans system
  • LED/sodium supplementary lighting
  • CO2 supplementary system
  • Ebb & flow benches, dutch bucket and drip irrigation system
  • Electric cabinet with intelligent control system
  • All the system can be customized according to crop growing needs

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