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Canteen / Dinning Hall


Product Description

Canteen / Dinning Hall

Food is the paramount necessity of the people. Eat healthy and delicious is for better working. Though food is important, a clean and good canteen hall is also a bonus point. 

 Give us your idea on your canteen, we do the design and production, also with installation guidance.Here you can get more from us: a warehouse, office, dormitory, and canteen….more possible. 

The canteen is made of strong light steel structure and kinds of panel for option like: calcium silicate board, polyurethane board ...etc. Also a  customized roof angle can greatly help on rain drainage, wind stand and snow load according to your local climate.  Most important, less time-consuming and good price is friendly to new investment.

Below with our offer

  • Customized layout with required size
  • Strong steel structure to resist strong wind, anti-earthquake, typhoon and etc
  • Eco-friendly living with thermal insulation, good ventilation and lighting
  • Quick and easy installation, nearly 7 days to set up a 100m2 house
  • One stop solution with interior decoration and furniture for option

Office Plan

  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Dinning hall
  • 1 Fish cutting
  • 1 Store
  • 1 Laundary


key word:


dinning hall

light steel house

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