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Employee Dormitory House


Product Description

Employee Dormitory House

A comfortable rest house make sense! The room can greatly helps workers to recover from hard daily work. Then a good lighting,ventilation,sound insulation are basic. While to build a reinforced concrete is costly and need long time, also may offend building regulations or land policy. Then Trinog Team comes up with light steel house structure design and facilities.

Below with our offer

  • Customized layout with required size
  • Strong steel structure to resist strong wind, anti-earthquake, typhoon and etc
  • Eco-friendly living with thermal insulation, good ventilation and lighting
  • Quick and easy installation, nearly 7 days to set up a 100m2 house
  • One stop solution with interior decoration and furniture for option

Home Plan

  • 1 or more Beds
  • No Kitchen
  • Multiple Shower & Toilet room
  • No Living Room

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