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Manager House


Product Description

Manager House/ Granny Flat

A farm is often met with the problem of needing to adapt to their growth. One of the issues run into is a need for warehouse, office, dormitory, and canteen….space. Save time-consuming and costly is most important. Additionally, should not offend building regulations.


Offers a solution to these common issues:

  • Customized layout with required size
  • Strong steel structure to resist strong wind, anti-earthquake, typhoon and etc
  • Eco-friendly living with thermal insulation, good ventilation and lighting, 
  • Quick and easy installation, nearly 7 days to set up a 100m2 house
  • One stop solution with interior decoration and furniture for option

Home Plan

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Shower room
  • 1 Living Room

One stop solution Interior decoration and furniture

Beds, Warrobe,bedside cabinet....

key word:

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