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T-Rail Vegetable Seedling Bench


Product Description

T-Rail Vegetable Seedling Bench

Why need a T-Rail Bench?

The propagation is the a very important and also need a good skill work. Many farm or small growers, they just by young plants from professional seedling farm. So always popular to the skill farmers.

 How is save the manpower, time, cost but need more quantity and better quality? Trinog team  come out new T-Rail seedling system with his client to benefit the chain, with his own patent. 


What is T-Rail Bench?

T-rail bench consists of U-shaped support, Y-typed rail, EPS foam tray, handling cart. It can also connect to sower(optional), germinating room(optional), movable sprinkler irrigation system (optional) and etc.

It can greatly improve the seedling efficiency and realize large-area seedling operation by cooperating with automatic equipment.


What benefit?

1. Low cost: simple equipment, easy assembly, maintain and use, low investment
2. High utilization rate of space: >82% utilization of greenhouse size, only empty space for the main corridor for cart (e.g 9216m2 greenhouse, the nursery frame size can reach 7599m2) ,
3. Easy operation: good for centralized or partition management, improve the work efficiency,growth environment control of different varieties and big or small seedling, to ensure even sprouting, maintain consistency of seeds growth
4.  Effectively control soil borne disease and seedbed weeds damage
5. Less limit to tray and substrate:  kinds of seeding tray size and material, a strong enough tray is fix for the rail and meet the nursery needs.
6. Not damage the root when transplanting, seedling survival quickly, high survival rate 


Project Pic and Greenhouse layout

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