How to distinguish the quality of agricultural film


2024-02-26 10:04

As one of the main covering materials of greenhouse, agricultural film plays a particularly important role in the construction of high-yield, high-quality and efficient agriculture. Pay attention to the following points when distinguishing the quality of agricultural film:

1. High light transmittance agricultural film transparency is good, and the general color of agricultural film is white and foggy.

2. High-quality agricultural film has good weather resistance, in the cold winter, it still maintains good softness, and the general agricultural film becomes hard, and there will be white marks when it is slightly folded.

3. Durable agricultural film tensile strength is high, such as cutting a small strip, stretching 6-7 times, still will not break, the general agricultural film is brittle.

4. When the anti-flow drip film is sprayed with water, the water droplets are small drops, and the flow is downward, and the general film is flaky when it is sprayed with water.

5. When the thermal insulation film is stretched, the open place will become white, and if the white place is repeatedly pulled, it is transparent, indicating high thermal insulation, and the general film does not have this effect.

6. When the agricultural film with good astigmatism passes through the sun, the light is soft and dispersed, and the general agricultural film has the feeling of direct sunlight.

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