Spring vegetable planting management precautions


2024-03-11 13:53

Whether it is growing seedlings or planting vegetables in spring, it is different from other seasons, and there will often be a series of problems after sowing for a long time, uneven emergence, weak, not long, and long after emergence, among which low soil temperature is the main factor affecting emergence, planting and management is the key to affecting growth. Therefore, whether it is seedling or vegetable cultivation, it is necessary to master a certain amount of planting and management technology, the most important thing is to make the five passes, in order to make its emergence fast, seedling seedling after seedling.

The first : control the temperature

Spring seedling generally from January began, continued until April, this period of temperature is still very low, seedling temperature must be ensured above 20 degrees, so as to ensure rapid emergence, if the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, not only slow seedling, but also lead to rot.

For direct planting of vegetables, it is necessary to understand the weather changes, in the temperature is relatively low and continuous rainy weather, for some difficult seedling and easy to rot vegetables to postpone sowing, such as: beans, cucumbers, pumpkins, etc., to avoid the occurrence of low soil temperature does not grow or rot, until the temperature is stable and then sowing is not too late.

The second : master the humidity

Whether it is seedling or transplanting, the soil moisture after seedling emergence should not be too large, if frequent watering, it will lead to a drop in soil temperature and poor air permeability, which is not conducive to the growth of seedlings. For the seedling, because the temperature is generally very high in the seedling process, if the water is too much, coupled with high temperature, it is easy to lead to the seedling growth, which is not conducive to the growth of strong seedlings.

For vegetables planted in the open field, if the soil moisture is too large, it is not conducive to root development, which will lead to yellow seedlings, weak seedlings, slow growth, therefore, as little water as possible. If it encounters continuous rainy weather, it is necessary to loosen the soil in time to increase the ground temperature when the rain stops, and reduce the occurrence of rotting roots and dead trees.

The third : loosen the soil frequently

Spring seedling and planting, there is a serious phenomenon, is easy to appear stuck neck, simply put, is to fall seedlings, close to the ground stem rot, this phenomenon is mostly due to high humidity, soil surface compaction, soil permeability caused by poor disease.

Therefore, when the soil moisture is too large and the surface is hard and stiff, it is necessary to loosen the soil frequently in time. There are many benefits to loosen the soil frequently. One can increase the soil temperature, two can increase the soil permeability, three can evaporate excessive water in the soil, and four can promote root development. It can reduce the occurrence of falling seedlings, dead trees and rotten roots.

The fourth : control the length, promote the root strong

Greenhouses and greenhouses to raise seedlings, first of all to prevent seedlings from growing, control the temperature, so that the temperature in the greenhouse and greenhouses is properly reduced, so that a certain temperature difference between day and night. Second, according to the temperature change, the film is lifted and ventilated in time, and the seedlings are refined one week before transplantation. Because the temperature difference between day and night after emergence is large, it is conducive to promoting the sturdiness of seedlings, but also conducive to the female flower differentiation of melons, fruits and vegetables, and increase the number of female flowers.

Vegetables planted in the open field, in addition to frequently loosening the soil, for yellow seedlings and weak seedlings to supplement nutrients in time, irrigating light fertilizer with special rooting fertilizer (the method was introduced in yesterday's video), to promote the development of roots, restore the growth of branches and leaves.

Fifth : timely supplement to promote flower fertilizer

Many people have misunderstandings about the time of melon and fruit crops, most people think that it can be promoted before flowering, in fact, melons and vegetables are differentiated at a very young age, such as: tomatoes in 2 true leaves, peppers 4 true leaves, cucumbers 1 true leaf and so on.

Therefore, from the seedling stage to begin to promote flowers, until the result. 1, water control squat seedlings to promote strong seedlings. 2. The leaf surface is supplemented with phosphate fertilizer and borax fertilizer to promote flower bud differentiation, so that more flowers and more fruits can be produced when flowering.

The above five points are the key to spring seedling and vegetable planting, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

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