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Tunnel Greenhouse


Product Description

High TU Greenhouse*

Why A TU Greenhouse Popular? 

  • Quite simple and easy to start, large or small size available
  • Light tunnel hoop structure, cheap price
  • Easy assembly, no foundation restriction
  • First choice for new grower or investor

Greenhouse Specification: 

  • Span Size: 6-10m
  • Shoulder Height: 1.5-2.5m
  • Ridge Height: 3.5-4m
  • Arches Distance: 0.5-2m. base on different climate conditions
  • Cover Material: PE or PO film or 40 /50 mesh insect net
  • Prefabricated structure, no welding on site
  • All climate control systems and plant hydroponics systems are available on growing needs


Greenhouse diagram with roof ventilation options:

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